IT SEERS provides software and hardware services to companies that use IT or produce IT related products. We offer highly reliable Java, ASP.NET, PHP and Linux / Windows based enterprise, web and standalone application development services to our customers. Our differentiators are design & development of complex algorithms, research driven proprietary IPs, product concept to delivery competence and complete life-cycle support. We have expertise in the development of Windows and Linux based systems software (like compilers, micro kernels, and device drivers), ARM and Davinci based custom Hardware for niche applications, high transaction volume IT application systems like railway reservation, share trading, online insurance, and GPS / GPRS based devices for remote tracking. We have ready to deploy products and components in the areas of business (loyalty, customer) analytics, audio / video compression, audio / video based work collaboration, telemedicine, healthcare, remote resource tracking and distance learning.

We help our customers develop their products quickly by giving our IPs, designs and software development related services and resources. We pride in taking up challenging work and completing it in time on budget.

IT SEERS is based in Bangalore, India, and our present operations cover Australia, India and the USA.


"Empower people with right knowledge using intelligent machines, right knowledge fosters the well being and happiness of the society."


"Our IP footprint in every intelligent machine."

Our Domains

Embedded Systems

We provide hardware and software developments viz., Porting OS, BSP, Device Driver developments etc., control application on a GUI on web or desktop...

DSP / Multimedia & Computer Vision / Image Processing

ITSeers has worked extensively in the area of multimedia and has some proprietary algorithms in DSP standards based codec optimization & client side telephony...

Data Analytics / BI / Big Data

ITSeers has developed a set of Statistical and Forecasting Algorithms as its proprietary IP and leverages this to perform trend analysis, market basket analysis & predictive modeling...

Enterprise Software Development

We provide PHP, Python, Java J2EE, ASP.Net, .Net, C#, MySQL, SQLServer based web application, Rich Internet Application (RIA) and desktop application...